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El manifiestu de KDE

Somos una comunidá de teunólogos, diseñadores, escritores ya defensores que trabayamos pa garantizar la llibertá de toles persones pente'l nuesu software. Gracies a esti trabayu, lleguemos a valorar:

Open Governance to ensure engagement in our leadership and decision processes;

El software llibre pa garantizar que'l resultáu del nuesu trabayu tea disponible pa tol mundu siempres.

Inclusivity to ensure that all people are welcome to join us and participate;

Innovation to ensure that new ideas constantly emerge to better serve people;

La propiedá común pa garantizar siguimos xuníos.

End-User Focus to ensure our work is useful to all people.

That is, in pursuit of our goal, we have found these items essential to define and stay true to ourselves.
From those values we derived the benefits and commitments of a KDE Project.
This manifesto is inspired by the Agile and Software Craftmanship manifestos.