Benefits of a KDE Project

Being part of the international KDE community conveys certain benefits:

  • To stand on the shoulders of giants
    • Make use of KDE infrastructure for project hosting
    • Benefit from the experience of the KDE sysadmins
    • Get support from the larger community with development, documentation, translation, testing, bug handling, etc.
    • Use opportunities to integrate with a large ecosystem of end-user products
    • Interaction with teams that have common values, leading to the cross-pollination of ideas and innovations
  • Enjoy representation and support by KDE e.V.
    • Participate in Akademy and other KDE events
    • Receive financial and organizational support
    • Know that your trademarks can be secured
    • Know that your licensing wishes can be protected via the Fiduciary Licensing Agreement
  • Increase your visibility through the reputation of the KDE community and KDE promotion tools such as:
    • pushing project announcements to the Dot and employing other KDE promotion channels
    • having your project reachable through a subdomain under
    • having a #kde-<projectname> IRC channel on the Freenode network
    • using KDE as an umbrella brand to associate with the KDE community for communication on web sites and other channels
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