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Commitments of a KDE Project

The KDE Project designation carries with it certain commitments:

  • Respect the KDE Code of Conduct
  • Support the KDE Vision and KDE Mission
  • There is no mandatory Contributor License Agreement
  • Technical requirements
    • The project stays true to established practices common to similar KDE projects
    • All source materials are hosted on infrastructure available to and writable by all KDE contributor accounts
    • Online services associated with the project are either hosted on KDE infrastructure or have an action plan that ensures continuity which is approved by the KDE system administration team
  • Copyrights, trademarks and patents
    • KDE licensing policy are respected
    • KDE branding guidelines are respected
    • If the authors of the software abandon it or disappear, they agree to transfer the trademark to the next maintainer
    • If the code is covered by patents registered by the project itself, those patents must be licensed freely
This manifesto is inspired by the Agile and Software Craftmanship manifestos.